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Welcome to a haven of expertise, where we offer a range of specialized massages crafted to address your unique needs. Our seasoned therapists bring years of experience and training to ensure you receive top-notch care and targeted treatments.

Expertise in Deep Tissue Massage

With 18 years of experience, we specialize in deep massage, providing relief for chronic pain and muscle tension.

Specialization in
Injury Recovery

We are well-versed in assisting clients with injuries resulting from car accidents and work-related incidents.

and Operated

Harkcom's Massage Therapy, a veteran-owned business, prides in discipline and professionalism.

About Us

Harkcom's Massage Therapy was born from a deep passion for healing and a commitment to improving the well-being of our community. Don Harkcom embarked on this journey in 2005 when he graduated with honors from the Ashmead School of Massage. With each passing year, he has honed his skills, gaining recognition as a trusted therapist and a specialist in deep tissue massage.

We believe that every massage should begin with relaxation techniques, creating a sanctuary of calm in which stress dissolves, pain subsides, and circulation thrives. Our primary focus lies in therapeutic treatment massage, tailored to individuals dealing with chronic pain and fatigue.

Sole Proprietor

Hundreds of Satisfied Clients

Friendly and Approachable

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Our Services

We offer a range of massage services designed to cater to your specific needs and promote overall well-being. With nearly two decades of experience, our therapist, Don Harkcom, provides expert care and personalized treatments that make a difference in your life.

Swedish Massage Therapist

Experience ultimate relaxation with our Swedish Massage. This technique uses gentle strokes to relieve stress, ease tension, and enhance circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage

Opt for our Deep Tissue Massage to target pain and reduce muscle tension. Our skilled therapists address chronic pain, stiffness, and knots.

Personal Injury Protection

(PIP) provides essential insurance coverage for individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents, offering medical and rehabilitation benefits.

Labor and Industries

Labor and Industries (LNI) in Washington State offers workers' compensation, including medical treatment, for job-related injuries.

Sports Massage

Elevate athletic performance and recovery with our Sports Massage, catering to pre-game, post-event, and routine maintenance.

Chair Massage at Events

Experience on-the-go relaxation with our event chair massage service, designed to rejuvenate health and relieve stress at your location.

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Our Patient Review

Don Harkcom is a true miracle worker! I've been dealing with chronic back pain for years, and after just a few sessions with him, I felt a significant improvement. His deep tissue massage technique is simply incredible. Don is not just a skilled therapist; he's also incredibly personable and makes you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in. I can't recommend Harkcom's Massage Therapy enough!met, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus.

Happy Clients

Being an athlete, I've had the privilege of experiencing numerous massages, but Don's sports massage is truly exceptional. His profound understanding of anatomy allows him to pinpoint and effectively address those persistent tight muscles and knots that can hinder performance. Don's pre-game warm-up routine is nothing short of a revelation - it primes my body for peak performance and has seamlessly integrated into my training regimen.

Happy Clients

Just a few months ago, I found myself in the aftermath of a car accident, grappling with persistent pain and stiffness. It was a friend who recommended Harkcom's Massage Therapy, and I can honestly say it was a turning point in my recovery. Don's unparalleled expertise in addressing injuries stemming from car accidents has been nothing short of remarkable. Not only has he skillfully alleviated my pain

Happy Clients

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